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COVID-19 Notice

Crossroad’s Councilors and Owners

Last weekend, our management made the difficult decision to postpone any in-person council meetings or AGM’s effective immediately unless there is emergent issues to deal with due to COVID-19 outbreak.  As you are no doubt aware although this virus may not produce symptoms in a carrier, the carrier could easily affect those around them.

With various meetings planned over the next few weeks, we can either try to reschedule or hold the meeting via emails.

We do apologize for this inconvenience, however the rapid spread of COVID-19 has produced some drastic measures worldwide and the team at Crossroads Management believes that we should be responsible to protect our clients and staff.

While we are unsure how long this moratorium will last, we will touch base as quickly as possible once we return to normal.

Thank you for your understanding.


Gerald Blanchard
Crossroads Management Ltd.
Managing Broker, President


FIRST LEVEL PROTECTION – Limit numbers of people and physical distance

  1. The office will limit total numbers in person to 50 or less
  2. Reception area limited to 2 non-reception people
  3. Guest to office must be invited in from locked entry door and stand 6 feet from reception area
  4. Guest discussion if not short, be held in main board room
  5. Only 1 person in hallways.  Do not leave your office until the hall is free
  6. Photocopy rooms limit 2 people being apart 6 feet
  7. Work from home when possible
  8. All off-site meetings are via zoom or in areas with restricted numbers

SECOND LEVEL PROTECTION – Cleaning protocols

  1. External cleaning company does full disinfective cleaning 3 times a week
  2. Each employee disinfects their work area each day
  3. Every person entering office must either wash hands or use disinfectant from stand at reception
  4. All handling of cash be with latex gloves and gloves are discarded after use

THIRD LEVEL PROTECTION – Rules and Guidelines

  1. Photocopy, mail machine, and coffee machines – wipe down after use
  2. Washrooms – wipe down after use.  Spray disinfectant on cloth and wipe. Do not spray disinfectant directly on electronic devices
  3. These Rules must be read by each employee and signed that they agree
  4. Cough into elbow
  5. Report any contact with someone near an infected person
  6. Self-quarantine if you feel you are feeling ill


  1. Use a mask if you feel compromised by entering a possible risk area
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Upgrading Our Space

Please find us in our new offices located very close to our old at unit 1001–7445 132nd Street. Join us as we continue to service our excellent clients and receive new.

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Growing Into New Markets

With the announcement of the development of a new Vancouver regional office, CrossRoads Management becomes the latest player in the Metro Vancouver residential Strata Market.

CrossRoads has up until now been a smaller boutique player mainly serving the Fraser Valley, and who according to Gerry Blanchard – President and Managing Broker: “… is set to capitalize upon its success by reaching out to new clients looking for a high level of customized and personalized service that the CrossRoads brand has become known for”.

Mr. Blanchard has strategically put in place a team of seasoned professionals with a strong level of client focus and proven service processes that set a proper foundation for such growth. Further, Mr. Blanchard says: “CrossRoads has already begun to experience a high level of interest and inquiry among Strata’s looking for a reputable alternative – we welcome that interest”.

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Website Launch

CrossRoads Management announces the launch of its new website signifying its growing presence as a key player in the local residential Strata Market.

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